Offer a career to your spa therapists, not just a job


What do spa therapists want from their working life?

We all know what the term ‘job’ means, but what about ‘career’?

Well a career can be different things to different people. It can be a journey up the ladder of self-development, to promotion, management or even business ownership. Or it might be the achievement of a specific goal or aspiration within the industry. 

It could also mean, simply, the enjoyment of your work because it gives you that vital sense of value and self-worth.

Not everyone is hugely ambitious - they may have other commitments or interests in their lives - but it’s fair to say that not having career opportunities in their working life can lead to spa staff becoming disengaged and demotivated pretty quickly.

Do you ask potential staff when they come for interviews about their dreams and aspirations?

Finding out what job candidates want for their future in the spa industry will give you an insight into what it takes to keep individuals engaged, whether it’s a structured career path, with the promise of regular training and development within your business, or perhaps the prospect of travel and variety in the role, or specialisation.

Establishing their practical needs, such as pay, hours, holidays, even a pension scheme, will allow you to build a position around them that allows them to achieve these objectives, and hopefully prevent them from looking elsewhere at a later date.

The route to success - and satisfaction

In many industries, not just the spa industry, there are very narrow routes to career progression. Businesses tend to have standardised structures, for example, therapist, senior therapist, manager, spa director, and so on.

But I often ask the question does a good therapist necessarily make a good manager? The answer is ‘no’, of course, but they often resort to this route as they see it as the only progression available. So the spa business loses a great therapist and gains a not-very-good manager!

In many large spa teams, it may seem an impossible task to earn promotion to a senior position because there will be only one senior therapist, or one assistant manager.

If we think about all the skills our spa therapists were taught in college, and within the industry, can we honestly say they’re all being used to best effect?

We have to start thinking outside the box! 

We’re constantly looking to use our creative skills to create amazing experiences for clients - and this, in turn, should create amazing roles for spa staff.

Client experiences evolve, change, excite, inspire and reflect current and new trends, so why don’t we extend this to our spa therapists and create those amazing roles and opportunities that lead to fulfilling ‘jobs’ and lasting ‘careers’?

Tackling the common problem of ‘burn-out’ within the spa industry is an absolute  must. The current average therapist’s career lifespan is pretty short in years, let’s face it. It’s a demanding role, both physically and psychologically, but that’s why spa staff need to feel the rewards of it.

This generation wants to be inspired and valued, not stuck in a boring or outdated job where nothing changes over the years. It’s completely achievable, and can only be good for everyone concerned.

Let’s inspire spa staff, as well as spa guests.

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