Spa health check – why training & development is vital to spa wellbeing

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A quick health check on your spa guests as they arrive is routine procedure for most venues, but how often do you perform a health check on your spa business itself?

As spa consultants, we routinely carry out business health checks for spas. Often, one of the main barriers we come across to business improvement is a lack of spa training and development for staff.

Having an effective training and development strategy in place doesn’t just benefit your spa staff – there are countless knock-on benefits to the rest of your business too.

Of course, training and development is an investment for a business and, as such, is often one of the first areas to face cuts when budgets are tightened.

But intelligent investment in a strategic spa training and development plan can contribute to better customer satisfaction, greater staff morale, higher profitability and an overall improved business performance.

This is why we believe spa training and development should be the cornerstone of any business development plan.

6 benefits of spa training and development to your business

  1. Better knowledge base: Of course, the most obvious benefit of spa training and development is a more highly skilled workforce. Spa staff with more skills are a valuable asset – from your spa therapists being able to offer a greater range of treatments, to your receptionists being able to recommend more tailored treatments and packages, to your spa manager being able to control budgets effectively, training really does benefit your business across the whole spectrum.

  2. More profitable workforce: Therapists who have a deeper understanding of the products and brands your spa uses will be far better placed to pass on that knowledge and make product recommendations for clients, so your spa has the potential for more profitable sales.

  3. Improved staff morale and staff retention: Who doesn’t like to feel valued? By investing in your spa staff’s training and development, you’re letting them know they are an asset to your business and an important part of your company’s future. In addition to that, training sessions can also be excellent team building exercises. Invest in your staff and they’ll be invested in your success.

  4. Fewer staff sick days: Train your spa staff how to take better care of themselves both physically and mentally while they’re working and you’ll cut the number of days lost to sickness. Teaching techniques and strategies to avoid problems such as repetitive strain injury, back injuries, depression, or stress would be a great start for a healthy workforce!

  5. Better customer satisfaction: More highly trained spa staff will naturally be better placed to provide a superior experience for your spa guests. Happy customers go on to be repeat customers, and they’ll also spread the word – few marketing strategies are more effective than a favourable review!

  6. Enhanced reputation within the industry: As we all know, the beauty industry is a small world. Building up a reputation as a business that invests in training and development and looks after its staff will mean you’ll be able to attract the best people when it comes to recruitment.

With more than 20 years of industry experience behind us, Total Spa Solutions is ideally placed to provide spa training and development that can benefit every level of your business. We offer a range of training packages and can tailor our training solutions to fit your individual business needs.

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Deborah Carr