Green vouchers for spa clients - how small changes can make a big impact


Developing a spa industry that looks after not just clients and staff - but also the planet we live on

Caring for people - and the environment 

It’s constantly in the news at the moment and we’re finally starting to wake up to the reality of what we’re actually doing to this beautiful planet of ours. 

It’s a massive issue, and many of us may be asking what we, as individuals can do, if anything, to reverse the crisis.

While the spa industry rightly places much of its attention on nurturing people’s sense of well-being, we all have a duty to consider the bigger picture and take action to look after our environment and the other species we share it with.

Increased awareness of the overuse of plastics and the environmental impact they have, both on land and on our oceans, have made many of us within the spa industry ask ourselves what we can do differently.

None of us want to disrupt our businesses by creating extra costs or major changes to the way we operate, so it’s a fine balancing act - and again, it’s about the little changes we can make.

Changing the way we take on water

We constantly advise spa clients to drink plenty of water in order to avoid the dreaded dehydration in the warm spa atmosphere, especially following treatments.

How have guests consumed all this water in the past? Well, from plastic bottles and cups, more often than not. 

Thankfully society is becoming more educated about the benefits of drinking lots of water - health experts tell us to drink around eight glasses of water every day - and so it’s quite a common sight to see people carrying reusable water bottles around with them as a matter of course.

We want clients to keep up their fluid intake and so have to look at the different ways they can consume them while at the spa. 

One thing spa managers and therapists can certainly do is to encourage guests to bring their own water bottle with them - not only would this reduce the number of plastic cups being used once then thrown away, but it would also cut the number of glasses that need to be washed at the end of the day.

Lose the slippers, bring on the flip-flops!

Other items we find ourselves disposing of in a less-than-environmentally-friendly way are those much-loved spa slippers. They do bring a touch of luxury, granted, but more often than not, they’re used once and then thrown away. 

Perhaps clients could be advised to bring their own flip flops with them, and straightaway the amount of waste being produced by a single spa business would be slashed - no plastic bottles or cups and no spa slippers!

Imagine the impact these two small changes could make over the course of a day, a week, a month, a year and so on? How many clients does your business see in a day, a week, a month, a year? Those numbers add up pretty quickly.

A green spa is an attractive spa

Understandably, some businesses can be put off by the higher cost of eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, such as bamboo or paper products, not to mention the worry of whether those products might lessen the client experience. However, consumer awareness of environmental issues is growing, and so are people’s expectations of businesses. 

An ethical business is regarded as a superior business these days, without a doubt, and research shows that consumers do take green issues into consideration when choosing where to spend their money.

To be doubly sure of this, though, why not offer guests an extra incentive to bring their own water bottles and flip-flops? Instead of imposing a ‘green tax’ on treatments, why not offer a green reward instead? 

Give those guests a green voucher to use during their visit, which gives them access to a ‘green counter’ featuring drinks and snacks not available to those without a voucher - simple yet ingenious!

There are lots of other great ways of encouraging a greener way of life within your spa, and creating a bespoke solution for your own business concept, so that you’re not only looking after your cherished clients, but also the world we live in.