Who we are

Our people

A team of passionate industry professionals with qualifications and experience in spa, beauty, training, coaching, management and education.

We continue to develop our skills and awareness of the industry through training, development and experiences to ensure our knowledge and experience is current and relevant.

Our values


  • To value the skills and knowledge of employee’s clients and us.

  • To respect our industry and promote lasting careers with in it.

  • To keep environmental impact to a minimal in all we do.


  • To have a clear and compelling purpose so that employees and associates feel fulfilled

  • To be aware of our own behaviours and their impact on others

  • To commit ourselves to the emotional, intellectual and physical wellbeing of our clients, their employees and ourselves

  • To build resilience, both internally and externally


  • To collaborate with our clients as their trusted advisor

  • To trust in the strength of working as a team with colleagues, clients and others

  • To act with a duty of care to our team so that they can be the best they can be

  • To commit ourselves to high standards in every aspect of our work


  • To acknowledge that today’s solutions are not good enough for tomorrow

  • To explore, share and implement creative solutions

  • To offer clients new products and services that are relevant to today’s business challenges.


  • To add value for our clients

  • To develop and use the potential of all our people

  • To generate enough profit to benefit our clients and our staff

  • To maintain high professional standards and quality control


  • To respect our clients, their employees and ourselves

  • To do the right things for the right reasons

  • To do what we say we will do

  • To be true to ourselves


Our approach

 Experienced, engaged and energised, using our 4 step system ensures our results remains consistent, reliable and sustainable. While our solid joined up approach keeps the smooth successful running of your business at the heart of what we do.


  • Tailored strategies

  • Revenue focused initiatives

    Relevant solutions for now and tomorrow 


  • Sustainable solutions

  • Deliver measurable results

  • Easily navigated systems


  • Understand and assess

  • Carry out related subject based audit

  • What success looks like for your business


  • Work with your businesses brand

  • Adapting to your business

  • Adapt strategies to suit size of Spa


Deborah Carr

Deborah Carr, Spa Business, Total Spa Solutions,

Her passion and love for the spa industry inspired Deborah Carr to launch Total Spa Solutions.

Deborah found Managing spa businesses rewarding, exciting, fun, busy, creative and inspiring in an industry that continually evolves, grows and where demand shows no sign of ever slowing.

During her career, one significant change that become obvious to Deborah was the challenge of recruitment and retention of Spa teams. Employment gaps became more common and was impacting every Spa manager Deborah Spoke to. Instead of ignoring these changes, it was clear that action needed to be taken and Deborah looked for solutions to this growing crisis.

Developing and using new initiatives based on her core beliefs saw real positive changes in spa’s she worked in and she knew she could help other businesses to help them prevent wasting precious time and money on recruitment, training and cancelled clients which has such a negative effect on revenue and profit.

A joined up practical solution built around all things “spa staff” was surely the answer.

Deborah herself would have found that type of support invaluable- a professional best friend - someone who is there when you need them when it really matters for the things that matter on the ground, day to day.

Without a reliable, dedicated and passionate team in place we all know your business simply doesn’t exist, so it makes complete business sense to have a Professional best friend to support you with the most valuable assets of your Spa.